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Whether you’re a Mortgage Loan Officer, Roofing Contractor, Business Coach, or an Internet Marketer, we will get you a Top 200 Rated Podcast in 30-days or less. We guarantee it. With so much noise on the Internet today, what better way to carve prime real estate for yourself than by building a following of active listeners? We haven’t discovered a better path yet, but when we do, we’ll keep you informed. For now, though.

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The $3,000



  1. Coaching Sessions to dial in your marketing message.
  2. Professional cover art created by our expert designers. 
  3. Royalty-free professional intro music for your podcast. 
  4. Professional voice over artist for the podcast intro & outro. 
  5. Equip list to sound your best. 
  6. The online sites to get the best audio experience. 
  7. Coaching to map out episode format and structure. 
  8. Our one of a kind launch strategy that will send your podcast to the moon.
  9. Engineering of the first 4 episodes. 
  10. Full distribution of your podcast to 20 podcast platforms.  
  11. Full show notes for each podcast episode. 
  12. Uploading and scheduling of your podcast. 
  13. Podcast production at a discounted rate. 
  14. Access to the Alpha Podcasters community. 
  15. Access to all of our course work material. 
  16. A standard website set up for you.  

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Happy clients.

No matter if you’re a podcast newbie who doesn’t know where to start, an old pro who wants to speed up, or someone in the middle who needs a little help turning things around. We’ll help. We are taking the podcast industry by storm for a reason, and it is not because we are busy blowing smoke up our own asses. Instead, we’re feverish, methodical, and a little insane about getting results for our clients. The numbers prove it.

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Oh, and by the way. These are all REAL features. None of that fake, pay-to-play,
fabricated B.S. you see all over the place. I guess when you’re good enough, people
actually want to listen. Are you next?

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