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Real Estate Brokers who want

stronger networks, bigger audiences,

and more influence & wealth faster

Whether you have a podcast already or not, we want to help you CRUSH IT with a podcast.

Want to build a legendary network?

Massive audience, More influence, more $$$ & Not sure how?

With a podcast, we make it as simple as 1, 2, 3… let me show you how:

    1.    Launch your podcast and become a top-200 rated podcaster on Apple in less than 5 weeks with our signature DFY Podcast Launch. 
    2.    Grow your network, audience, influence and $ with our DFY Podcast Booking Service. 
    3.    Discover how to grow your network, audience, influence and $ yourself, in our top-flight Podcast Coaching Program. 



Take a look how we helped Ramon Casaus build his brand with a podcast.

ramon became a top 200 podcaster

on appl podcast less then 24 hours

Ramon became a Top-200 Rated Podcaster on Apple Podcasts less than 24 hours after we launched it…

Ramon quickly reached 1k+ downloads a month within his first 60 days of launching…

Then he landed an in-person interview with Tarek El Moussa from HGTV…

Then they became business partners and Ramon speaks on stages with Tarek…

And that led to Ramon speaking at an event that Tony Robbins headlined.

Ramon and many others are CRUSHING IT with a podcast.

if you are the right person, we can help you crush it, too. Let's talk and see if you are a soild fit.