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When was the last time you

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podcast marketing results?

Turn Up The Subscritipon Volume

A consistent flow of quality subscribers is a challenge every podcast faces.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM about downloads and marketing of a podcast is, a lot of it is fake, allow me to explain some signs. 


  • BROKEN PROMISES – The marketing promises a certain number of downloads and subscribers. 
  • OVER PROMISE AND UNDER DELIVER, – The price per subscriber seems too good to be true. 
  • OUTSOURCING NIGHTMARE – The companies are located in Bangladesh or China. They don’t GET your audience like you do.
  • NO REAL DATA, – They only give subscriber and download count. They don’t have any other data because they operate from click farms. 
  • DETAILED TARGETING IS OFF – They don’t do detail targeting based upon age, gender, and interest. 
  • NO ACCOUNTABILITY – They don’t give detailed reporting of the number of impressions, reach, the ad completion rate, clicks and the percentage of click through. 

At this point, you’re probably pretty angry. Shelling out 3,000-9,000 a month for fake bot crap pissed me off too!

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

Podcast Marketing made Easy:

Done-For-You by a World-Class Podcast Marketing specialist


We get your podcast in front of 100’s of Thousands of new people in just one month through audio ads. 


Here’s the best podcast marking strategy by far, and the exact strategy that we have used to grow 100’s of other already TOP-RATED podcasts just like yours. 



The best part is, we do ALL the heavy lifting… 



  • We write the audio ad for you. 
  • We create the graphic for the ad using your images and brand colors. 
  • We create a 30-second audio ad for your podcast with a professional voice-over artist. 
  • We target by…gender, age, country, city, zip, interests, and the genre of music they are listening to. We can even target people who are working out, and traveling. 
  • We reach your target audience where they are located within the app that your podcast is. 
  • Push button notification is sent to the people that are hearing your ad, this is much better than simply ad only. The conversion rate is far higher when you have something for people to click. 
  • We provide all the stats these fake marketers don’t provide. 


$3k Minimum 15k Maximum 

For real Alpha Entrepreneurs ONLY

PS. Not in the market to invest $10,000+ just yet?



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