Podcast powertrain

Want Our Expert Production Team

To Produce Your Podcast

For You Each Week…

Without You Lifting A Finger?

With hundreds of successful podcasts launched under our watchful eye, we’ve discovered a thing or two about what it takes to truly launch, maintain and grow a top-rated podcast.

If you’re like most of our clients, you want to launch and/or grow your podcast to solidify yourself as the #1, no-brainer, go-to choice in your niche and make the competition irrelevant.

But you’re a professional who’s busy servicing clients and building your business or company…

And because of that, although your true desire is to grow your podcast, the extra work that comes along with that… filming, recording, editing, writing the show notes, transcribing, uploading it to all the networks and then marketing it to your audience… just gets in the way.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

Podcasting Made Easy:

Done-For-You World-Class Podcast Production

Now, with Podcast Powertrain Production you can tap into our expert team of podcast pro’s and watch as we help you launch your podcast and produce it for you too. You just record and send us the files!


We create your podcast artwork, podcast intro/outro, and get your show syndicated on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.


And then? We produce one episode a week for you as well as create your marketing materials. You don’t lift a single extra finger. That’s it!

What’s included:

1. Podcast artwork
2. Podcast intro/outro
3. Show syndicated on the 4 major platforms
4. Hosting setup
5. Onboarding coaching call w/Production Director
6. One episode produced a week

What’s included per episode:

1. Episode edited, mixed and mastered
2. Apple tags added
3. Published/scheduled to your hosting provider
4. Professionally written show notes
5. One Audiogram for social media marketing
6. One Static Image for social media marketing



Relax … justt kidding. 🙂

Although, even if we did charge that much, it’d STILL be worth at least 10X that in authority, influence, and profits to your business and brand… as many of our clients can attest.

But, no, you won’t have to fork over six figures. Instead it will be just $1,500 once a month.

That investment is very reasonable considering all we’ll be doing for you.

And when you factor in the peace of mind this service will enable you to have while your business grows in leaps and bounds? It’s really just a drop in the bucket for someone like you.

For real Alpha Entrepreneurs ONLY

Join The World’s Only

Elite-Level Podcast & Brand Growth Mastermind,

Alpha Podcasting Association Mastermind.

What is the Alpha Podcasting Association Mastermind? A 12 month intensive program where I basically take your hand and guide you to peak podcasting success. Your celebrity, brand and profits will soar right alongside your podcast with my step-by-step help.

What sorta results can you expect? By the end of 12 months you will be generating 10,000 downloads per month on your podcast, and you will have generated $100,000 total or more directly from your show.

Effectively we will see to it that you turn your $24,000 into $100,000 or more, or it’s free.

How the program works:

BONUS: Lifetime access to all 3 of my current and future courses

Current Price:


for the year.

Or $2,000

for 12 months.

Currently, we are not accepting anymore applications as the Alpha Podcasting Association Mastermind is at capacity with a surplus of applications waiting in queue. Thank you.

Are You Ready To Inject Steroids Into Your Podcasting Success…

While You Bathe In Crisp Hundred Dollars Bills, And Pound Your Chest Over The Competitions Blood-Soaked Grave?

Then listen up: I’m not gonna hard-sell this one. True motherfuckers know what’s up.

I built my business from the ground up after being released from prison 7 years ago. Since then I vowed to my wife and four kids that I would always be present and there for them. As a result, I keep my schedule very tight and family time is never to be trespassed on.

Because of that, I only carve out 8 hours a month to do Private One-on-One Consulting.

Each month I only accept 4 of the realest, rawest, hardest working, most visionary entrepreneurs. And each of them gets 2 hours of my unfiltered time.

Most of them get their money’s worth within the first 15 minutes so we just end up talking shop and cracking dick jokes for the rest of the time.

All jokes aside, many of us have become very close friends. And all of us have become much richer in the process, without exception.

If you want to apply for Private One-on-One Coaching with me, Zach J. Babcock, I won’t feed around the bush: it’s $5,000 an hour. And you must sign up for a minimum of two hours. So $10,000.


Click the button below to see if you qualify.

PS. Not in the market to invest $10,000+ just yet?


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